What is Modern Retro Print Design?

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So, what is Modern Retro Print Design? This approach is inspired from patterns and elements which are taken from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s graphic design. This is then applied to current design trends such as minimalism. People love Modern Retro as it invokes a sense of nostalgia, which then creates an instant connection between the brand, design and consumer.

In 2017 design trends will continue to incorporate retro designs and colour palettes. This can be seen in some very well-known brands printed marketing materials. For example the Co-op Group have reused some of their famous designs from the 1960’s. The Co-op Group have reverted back to their cloverleaf shape logo design, which their loyal customers will remember from 1968. The Co-op Group stopped using this logo over 10 years ago to go for a more corporate look. Other big brands such as Starbucks and Google have also changed their logos to more simplistic flat design.

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There is an emphasis on shapes, patterns and typography, modern fonts created these days are just a more creative revision of the iconic 70s, 80s and 90s typefaces. Modern Retro Print Design is a simplistic style, which uses bold colours, in the 1980’s a limited amount of colour was carefully chosen because colour was costly to print, so duotones were a very popular retro design approach. This is where only two bright or contrasting colours are used. This method can be seen on many modern design campaigns.

Modern Retro print design

The main reason so many brands are embracing retro design is because it reminds people of a simpler time. A time when brands appeared purer, because they were new this made them seem more honest and genuine.

On the surface, it may seem like the retro design approach has come back in trend because of its stylistic qualities, but when you look deeper it is also the ethos and psychology behind it. Using the Modern Retro approach can convey your company as more ethical and sincere, therefor having a massive impact on the customer.

If you like the sound of Modern Retro Print Design, then why not get in contact with PrintEasy Nottingham printers today, and we can design you something amazing!

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Get closer to your customers with personalised printing

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One current trend that many big brands are implementing is print personalisation, and is the next big thing in print marketing. This approach is especially important when appealing to millennials and will continue to grow. It is a good way of increasing brand loyalty and keeping the customer engaged with the brand. Social media, targeted market research and extensive databases means that businesses now know more about their customers than they ever have before.

One well known personalised marketing campaign is the ‘share a coke’ campaign by Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola incorporated 150 of the UK’s most popular names into its branding with the hashtag #shareacoke encouraging customers to discuss and share the brand online.
The environmental benefits of personalised printing campaigns are great too.

Personalising an item means you are defining your content and targeting specific people, rather than mass marketing campaigns, where a lot of marketing materials are thrown away.

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You can produce accurately targeted sales through personalised promotional campaigns, by having your customers’ names on the print materials, or subjects that you know they will be attracted to. With personalised printing you can also add tracing codes, this provides useful information on response rates.

Studies show bespoke direct mail vastly improves response rate, and increase profits by up to a 30% compared to general marketing materials, this is because it adds value to the customer experience. A one off individually printed item, personalised for the user, makes it much more meaningful, improves engagement and therefore enhances customer relationships.

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How to create the best flyers and leaflets

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If you have little design and print experience, then creating leaflets and flyers can be a difficult job. For your company leaflets are a crucial marketing tool, helping you reach your target audience. Your leaflet needs to be designed well and engaging to your customer.

You need to understand your target audience, who your customer is will determine your leaflet design and content. For example, you need to take into consideration your customers age, location and interests – what will appeal to your specific client.

The content of your flyer or leaflet needs to be clear and appealing, it is important you portray a strong message. Ensure you do not include any unnecessary and dull information. Use bold images, stimulating text and motivating headlines, and bear in mind less is more. Images have an enormous influence on marketing material, make sure the quality of your graphics is of high resolution, and that your customer will associate these with your product or service.

Layout and design is vital, printed material is an addition of your brand, so ensure you apply your main brand elements to the design of the flyer or leaflet. Ensure you use the correct colours and fonts, this helps your customers recognise the flyer or leaflet is part of your company and keeps your marketing material looking consistent.

Proofreading your flyer or leaflet is very important, getting a person outside of your business to look over the flyer or leaflet is the best way to do this.

If you’re in need of professional Nottingham leaflet printing then contact us today. The quality of your design and print will have a massive impact on the success of your flyer or leaflet, so ensure you get it right first time with PrintEasy.

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Becoming a greeting card creator

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In the UK we spend £1.4 billion a year on greeting cards, on average sending 50 cards a year, the majority of these are bought by women. So when starting out as a greeting card designer, its best to stick with the more popular categories such as Birthday, Christmas and Valentine’s day cards in order to increase your chances of having successful sales.

It can be a challenge coming up with interesting ideas for your greeting card design. There are already so many designs available on the market. The graphic used on a greeting card is central, this must catch the customer’s attention. Having a distinctive subject can make your greeting card designs stand out from the rest, but your prospects are endless if you’re a good illustrator or photographer. This is because you can replicate popular themes in your unique style, or even combine illustration and photography. Although the graphic is significant, research shows it is the text which will make the overall sale. Over 75% of card purchasers base their choice on the card’s copy, and the impression those words make, so choose your words wisely!

The print quality of your greeting cards are also essential, at PrintEasy we ensure your cards will be printed on superior 350gsm stock paper. All cards are pre-folded, come with envelopes and there are a variety of traditional card sizes available.

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Business card trends for 2016

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Make a long-lasting impact with our wide range of quality business cards. We have a variety of card finishes and paper stocks, so get your business cards printed today and ensure your potential clients have your contact details to hand.

Here are a few tips on how to keep your business card design current for 2016:

Over the last few years the use of minimal business card design has increased. White is being used as a leading colour, placing your logo against white will highlight your company name. Selecting a premium font will allow your contact information to stand out from other business card designs.  Something as simple as filling the back of the business card with your company brand colour adds personality to your design.

At PrintEasy the cost of getting a double sided business card printed is only marginally more than a single sided card, this gives you twice as much space to impress your potential clients with key information about your establishment. Business cards are a reflection of your company and how you want people to perceive your business. Not only do they make an enormous first impression but a exceptionally designed business card will enable you to stand out from the crowed. At PrintEasy we have skilled graphic designers to produce your perfect business card, click here to find out more.

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