Becoming a greeting card creator

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In the UK we spend £1.4 billion a year on greeting cards, on average sending 50 cards a year, the majority of these are bought by women. So when starting out as a greeting card designer, its best to stick with the more popular categories such as Birthday, Christmas and Valentine’s day cards in order to increase your chances of having successful sales.

It can be a challenge coming up with interesting ideas for your greeting card design. There are already so many designs available on the market. The graphic used on a greeting card is central, this must catch the customer’s attention. Having a distinctive subject can make your greeting card designs stand out from the rest, but your prospects are endless if you’re a good illustrator or photographer. This is because you can replicate popular themes in your unique style, or even combine illustration and photography. Although the graphic is significant, research shows it is the text which will make the overall sale. Over 75% of card purchasers base their choice on the card’s copy, and the impression those words make, so choose your words wisely!

The print quality of your greeting cards are also essential, at PrintEasy we ensure your cards will be printed on superior 350gsm stock paper. All cards are pre-folded, come with envelopes and there are a variety of traditional card sizes available.

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