How to create the best flyers and leaflets

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If you have little design and print experience, then creating leaflets and flyers can be a difficult job. For your company leaflets are a crucial marketing tool, helping you reach your target audience. Your leaflet needs to be designed well and engaging to your customer.

You need to understand your target audience, who your customer is will determine your leaflet design and content. For example, you need to take into consideration your customers age, location and interests – what will appeal to your specific client.

The content of your flyer or leaflet needs to be clear and appealing, it is important you portray a strong message. Ensure you do not include any unnecessary and dull information. Use bold images, stimulating text and motivating headlines, and bear in mind less is more. Images have an enormous influence on marketing material, make sure the quality of your graphics is of high resolution, and that your customer will associate these with your product or service.

Layout and design is vital, printed material is an addition of your brand, so ensure you apply your main brand elements to the design of the flyer or leaflet. Ensure you use the correct colours and fonts, this helps your customers recognise the flyer or leaflet is part of your company and keeps your marketing material looking consistent.

Proofreading your flyer or leaflet is very important, getting a person outside of your business to look over the flyer or leaflet is the best way to do this.

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