What is Modern Retro Print Design?

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So, what is Modern Retro Print Design? This approach is inspired from patterns and elements which are taken from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s graphic design. This is then applied to current design trends such as minimalism. People love Modern Retro as it invokes a sense of nostalgia, which then creates an instant connection between the brand, design and consumer.

In 2017 design trends will continue to incorporate retro designs and colour palettes. This can be seen in some very well-known brands printed marketing materials. For example the Co-op Group have reused some of their famous designs from the 1960’s. The Co-op Group have reverted back to their cloverleaf shape logo design, which their loyal customers will remember from 1968. The Co-op Group stopped using this logo over 10 years ago to go for a more corporate look. Other big brands such as Starbucks and Google have also changed their logos to more simplistic flat design.

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There is an emphasis on shapes, patterns and typography, modern fonts created these days are just a more creative revision of the iconic 70s, 80s and 90s typefaces. Modern Retro Print Design is a simplistic style, which uses bold colours, in the 1980’s a limited amount of colour was carefully chosen because colour was costly to print, so duotones were a very popular retro design approach. This is where only two bright or contrasting colours are used. This method can be seen on many modern design campaigns.

Modern Retro print design

The main reason so many brands are embracing retro design is because it reminds people of a simpler time. A time when brands appeared purer, because they were new this made them seem more honest and genuine.

On the surface, it may seem like the retro design approach has come back in trend because of its stylistic qualities, but when you look deeper it is also the ethos and psychology behind it. Using the Modern Retro approach can convey your company as more ethical and sincere, therefor having a massive impact on the customer.

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