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One current trend that many big brands are implementing is print personalisation, and is the next big thing in print marketing. This approach is especially important when appealing to millennials and will continue to grow. It is a good way of increasing brand loyalty and keeping the customer engaged with the brand. Social media, targeted market research and extensive databases means that businesses now know more about their customers than they ever have before.

One well known personalised marketing campaign is the ‘share a coke’ campaign by Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola incorporated 150 of the UK’s most popular names into its branding with the hashtag #shareacoke encouraging customers to discuss and share the brand online.
The environmental benefits of personalised printing campaigns are great too.

Personalising an item means you are defining your content and targeting specific people, rather than mass marketing campaigns, where a lot of marketing materials are thrown away.

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You can produce accurately targeted sales through personalised promotional campaigns, by having your customers’ names on the print materials, or subjects that you know they will be attracted to. With personalised printing you can also add tracing codes, this provides useful information on response rates.

Studies show bespoke direct mail vastly improves response rate, and increase profits by up to a 30% compared to general marketing materials, this is because it adds value to the customer experience. A one off individually printed item, personalised for the user, makes it much more meaningful, improves engagement and therefore enhances customer relationships.

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